Sima Haider Write To President Droupadi Murmur Seeking Indian Citizenship


A pakistani woman Comes From India From vai ya nepal say that She was in Love Somebody than has come To India After Marrying One Sachin this Curious case That we Called the Sima hyder case Has now reached the president Of India Advocate ap Singh Has Now Filed A marcy petition Before the President Of India Seeking To Grant Citizenship To sima Hyder clearly claiming that the nation Believe in Beti pdhao Beti Bachao and sabka sath Sabka vikash But is Mercy Patition that can Be asked in such this type of Mater That is something that tha question is that has Been Put before the advocate and in Fact That is something that is only exercised in case of death penalty or where life imprisonment Has Marcy petition according to the indian Constitution can only be exercised when a person is to be hanged till death or has been granted a life imprisonment But why is mercy petition filled in this case is curious question that has not been answered Yet how eever this case been headline For quite a long tym if we talk about the investigation into this particular case the investigation by the UP ATS that is Uttar Predesh and anti terior squad is currently underway the major question before the Up ATS That need To be Answered By SEEMA whether she is a pakistani Spy whether or she belong or is conected To Isi or is something that is national threats to India are all to be the answered However at this point of time there is No evidence that is available with in fact the anti terior squad or the uttar pradesh police as to whether she has teror link or his a Pakistan i spy at the same point of time we have to understand that